Let them eat cake


The French Revolution averted, Marie Antoinette saved from the guillotine…
The very real way that French history could have been changed with a simple market tool

« Then let them eat cake ». Widely mistakenly attributed to Marie Antoinette, it is one of the most famous quotations in history, supposedly uttered by the Queen of France during one of the famines that occurred during the reign of her husband, Louis XVI. As the people of France suffered due to widespread bread shortages, the Queen is supposed to have suggested brioche as an alternative, being completely oblivious to the fact that it is enriched with butter and eggs, making it more expensive and unavailable than bread. The words have risen to fame as symbolically important to revolutionary historians explaining the violent overthrow of the monarchy that was to follow.

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Peril on the Silk Road

kate upton silk bra

Feeding frenzies, boiled alive, a royally guarded secret…
The very dark and dangerous story behind one of the most romantic fabrics

Valentine’s day is on the horizon, and silk lingerie is being scouted out by women as the choice attire for the romantic evening ahead and by men as the most sensual gift for their beloveds. But as the stores are awash in silk, who has given a thought to just who or what is behind the making of this most exquisite and sensual of all fabrics? And what exactly is being done to assure that silk production is protected for all Valentine’s days ahead?

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The Risky Business of Romance


Global supplies of chocolate dwindling from dry weather, Wineries damaged by prolonged cold winters … Is Romance in peril?

As Valentine’s Day approaches, and shops begin advertising bouquets of roses, wine, and chocolates, it is clear that romance is being manufactured on a booming scale. One may cast a cynical eye at the supposed trappings and expectations of Valentine’s Day, but it must be admitted that even the most curmudgeon have at their disposal at this time of year the makings of a romantic gesture, without need for elaborate planning or epic imagination. Unlike Christmas, when the sky is the limit, Valentine’s Day is, fortunately, a fairly straight-forward affair, for which we may all be grateful.

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Hello World !

Welcome to weatherandeconomics, Meteo Protect’s newest blog, designed to educate, inform, and enlighten on the latest advancements in weather risk management.

At weatherandeconomics, we know that weather defines your day- the good, the bad and the ugly, and in turn, that there is not an industry or sector that is untouched by the effects of Mother Nature. Here, we explore the intersection of weather and economics, the fascinating manner that a change by just one degree in the temperature, a meter per second in wind speed, or a millimetre acquired in precipitation can reduce or augment earnings, and energy production and consumption.

Meteo Protect utilises the most advanced modern numerical forecasting techniques, data assimilation, interpretation and post-processing model outputs, combined with bespoke financial products that protect companies and institutions when weather conditions adversely impact their business or profits or generate costs.

Here, we put this in layman’s terms, introducing our readers to how profits are affected by the weather, and how to get rid of weather risk and instead focus on operations and boost profits.