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Welcome to weatherandeconomics, Meteo Protect’s newest blog, designed to educate, inform, and enlighten on the latest advancements in weather risk management.

At weatherandeconomics, we know that weather defines your day- the good, the bad and the ugly, and in turn, that there is not an industry or sector that is untouched by the effects of Mother Nature. Here, we explore the intersection of weather and economics, the fascinating manner that a change by just one degree in the temperature, a meter per second in wind speed, or a millimetre acquired in precipitation can reduce or augment earnings, and energy production and consumption.

Meteo Protect utilises the most advanced modern numerical forecasting techniques, data assimilation, interpretation and post-processing model outputs, combined with bespoke financial products that protect companies and institutions when weather conditions adversely impact their business or profits or generate costs.

Here, we put this in layman’s terms, introducing our readers to how profits are affected by the weather, and how to get rid of weather risk and instead focus on operations and boost profits.